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Fishscales & Mermaids Wallpaper

Fishscales & Mermaids Wallpaper

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The tessellating watercolour shapes are reminiscent of fish scales and mermaid tails and would create the perfect backdrop for anything from a child’s bedroom to a bathroom or a beach house living area. The subtle variations in colour create a warm and natural feel, as open and inviting as the sea itself. Choose from soft pinks, blues and greys, or dark navy tones to suit any interior or colour scheme.

Sold per roll- Width 61.5cm

Finish - Pre-trimmed Butt Join
Roll - 10m
Pattern Repeat: 61.5cm

Available in:

  • Salmon
  • Midnight Peach
  • Grey White
  • Blue White
  • Charcoal White
  • Midnight White
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